Surviving Summer School: The First Lesson

The Best Ticher

This is part 2/6 of a series on Surviving Summer School. To read the other parts check here.

Congratulations are in order first of all: if you’ve made it this far you’ve survived both day zero and day one. At most summer schools the order of the day tends to be for the staff to arrive and be talked at for a day (Day Zero), followed by a day of relatively organised chaos (Day One) as the staff of each summer school try to receive their students, not receive anyone else’s students, deal with the inevitable lost bags/forgotten items/lost students, persuade teenagers to call home, and then somehow get everyone into allocated bedrooms and sorted into what are (hopefully) the right classes. For management staff, day one is a living hell that you then want a holiday to recover from, but for teachers and activity leaders it’s mostly a…

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