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emily in brazil

I feel so so so so so unbelievably lucky to have such amazing families. My second host family (who I actually won’t be living with until later this week) took me along for an incredible trip through Ceará, the state beside mine. We started in a little town a couple hours from Parnaíba. It was 20 degrees, rainy, and super foggy- so perfect I can’t even describe wonderful it was. We were all in that ‘yay-for-vacation’ mood, and had such a fun fondue dinner.

IMG_2948Like the fog was magical, I loved it. // Eu amei a nevoa.

IMG_2985fondue is actually the best. // Estou apaixonada por fondue mds.

IMG_6216Our super cool hotel ft super cool Gi // Nosso hotel legal

IMG_2983like look at that fog?! // Olha para aquela nevoa!

We left early the next morning, and drove for about an hour through the thickest fog I think I’ve every seen to arrive…

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