Deciding on the Norway program

Study Abroad in Norway through UC Berkeley Sociological Department!

Deciding to come to study in Norway was not the hardest decision to make. I found out about the program on the Sociology department’s website. I saw the tab “Study Abroad in Norway” on the bottom right, when I clicked on the Undergraduate Program tab. I was intrigued, as I wanted to visit Scandinavian countries before. That was the first step, and then, after a few months of document collection, preparations, goodbyes and hellos–I am here. If you, however, need more than just a click on the tab to be interested in this program, please read further.

DCF 1.0 Hoddevik village near Stadt cape, Sogn og Fjordane county. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Landscapes_of_Norway#/media/File:Stadt_Hoddevik.jpg.

First, I have to speak about the great aspects of the program. Studying abroad, in general, is highly recommended to everybody. It gives an opportunity to see the world and to live in another country as a student and to…

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