Post-Grad Adventures: Being An English Major

Great insight to the life of a Graduate Student

Zoë Lance.

English majors are very proud of their bookshelves. English majors are very proud of their bookshelves.

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Life after college is kind of weird. While you’re trying to figure yourself out and what you want, you’re also trying to figure the world out and your place in it. In the last six months, I’ve thought a lot about who I am as a person, what my strengths and weaknesses are and what makes me the happiest.  One of the biggest realizations I’ve come to is that my time as an English student will probably be one of the most influential experiences of my life.  If you’ve read about my undergraduate and senior project adventures, you’ll know that I thrived in the academic environment and thought a lot about what I was learning. Getting an English degree was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I’m only starting to realize just how much it’s going to help me…

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gap year galore.

Worldly Wordy

It’s been 4 years now since I was 18 and stuck in my simple lifestyle. A high school student in a Midwest city where the only things that were of importance at this stage in life was football and the next party. Senior year and my friends and I were anxious to find the perfect college that we could all attend together, with dreams of majors that we knew little to nothing about. This is what we all were planning to do, this is what everyone was expected to do..

I ended up wanting more than anything to attend this small university my best friend would be running track at. We would be roommates in the dorms, both major in broadcasting and live our next 4 years in the middle of nowhere Missouri. Happily ever after with my best friend for life.

After committing to this grand plan, I opened my eyes to…

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HCLF Vegan Survival In College

Are you a vegan in college? Have no fear, helpful tips are here.


The one word that numerous vegan students cringe on, college. Many ponder and even doubt the vegan lifestyle just because they are going to enter a new phase of their life with questions/thoughts like:
“Is it hard to be vegan at college?”
“Eh, probably should eat vegetarian to make my life easier.”
“I am 100% sure there are no vegan options.”
“My potential friends will judge me.”
…. And the list goes on and on, when in fact, it isn’t hard at all.
Trust me, I’m a new freshmen in college as well so I can feel what many would feel. There are many things that can help you survive college.


  1. ASK WORKERS AT THE DINING HALL.                                                  cafeteria-2 They will help…

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