Unconventional College advice.

Jessica's Journeys

Two exams down, two to go. Supposing I make it through Friday, I will have made it through my first semester of college. Wow. It has been crazy to say the least, yet it has been good.I thought I was completely prepared for college, but turns out I was wrong! There are some things about college you cannot learn from a pamphlet, tour, college prep curriculum or orientation–you have to experience them for yourself.

In high school when I googled advice for college freshmen I came up with a plethora of articles with the same information stated over and over again go toclass, go to office hours, get involved… and none were overly helpful. So, I decided to compile a list of unconventional college advice (or advice no one told me), based upon my experiences, to try and aid those trying to figure college out.

If class starts…

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