5 Tips for Facing Finals

Don’t miss these useful tips for finals!

Growing into Twenty

I’ve always had good and bad vibes when it was time to take finals. For some reason for the whole semester I think that everything’s going well but when finals time comes around it’s like all of my professors came together in a meeting and decided how to make the most stressful three weeks of the semester. I would have three projects (two of them a group projects, of course) and five papers due, three tests and maybe a quiz… or ten. But it’s OK, because right around the corner is winter break or (summer break, depending on the semester). So I suck it up and grind til the end.
I wanted to share some tips with you guys who are preparing to take finals (or facing any other big challenge):

Tip #1: Stop pulling all nighters

More than likely you’re doing more harm than good. If you pull an…

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