HCLF Vegan Survival In College

Are you a vegan in college? Have no fear, helpful tips are here.


The one word that numerous vegan students cringe on, college. Many ponder and even doubt the vegan lifestyle just because they are going to enter a new phase of their life with questions/thoughts like:
“Is it hard to be vegan at college?”
“Eh, probably should eat vegetarian to make my life easier.”
“I am 100% sure there are no vegan options.”
“My potential friends will judge me.”
…. And the list goes on and on, when in fact, it isn’t hard at all.
Trust me, I’m a new freshmen in college as well so I can feel what many would feel. There are many things that can help you survive college.


  1. ASK WORKERS AT THE DINING HALL.                                                  cafeteria-2 They will help…

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